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Appointment Scheduling

Do you find yourself always forgetting to book that one appointment? One then becomes 10? 
Join us here at Virtual Assistant's CRC Limited. Our dedicated, attentive VAs will schedule all of your appointments for you.

customer service

Phone call inquiries

Running an efficient business takes a lot of time and effort, and our VAs are here to help. From taking customer calls to answering online inquiries, we will make sure your customers get the professional support and attention they deserve.

On the Phone

Travel Arrangements and Hotel bookings

Finding and booking the perfect luxury, relaxing, or high activity holiday, can be stressful. 
Our VAs can research wherever you're going. Find the local bars, restaurants, activities, and historical attractions.
We can either be used as a research tool, or book everything for you.

Greek Paradise

Car purchases, hires, and rentals 

Finding a car can be challenging.
Not for us! 
Our VAs will make the whole process quick and easy for you. We research ideal vehicles, making any purchase or rental a stress free process.

We compare the prices on trusted apps and websites, to ensure you get the best deals!

Car Dealership

Diary management

We will create and maintain an organised record of all personal and professional commitments.

Accurately Scheduling every upcoming event, appointment and meeting.

Bullet Journal

Dinner reservations

Not sure where to eat? Or too busy to stop and book your regular restaurant?
That's not a problem for us!
We can find you somewhere new to eat, and perfect to your taste.
We can also book you a table at your favourite restaurant.

Family Dinner

Entertainment finding

Finally getting to have a night out? Need help booking somewhere?
We are on it! We will find a spot for you to be entertained. We can book your entertainment for you, or just simply recommend something to suit you.

Close up of couple clapping in theater

Finance Management and Invoices

We can help you budget and cut back on unnecessary outgoings. We look at the outgoings that don't make sense for your lifestyle.
We can pay all of your invoices and bills.
We enjoy making your life easier.

Men with Calculator

Pet adoptions and passports

Ready to become a pet owner?

We take pleasure in finding pets their forever homes and families.

No matter what pet you are looking for, all the research and work is done for you. Creating a document consisting of all the important information on your desirable pet.
We will then locate a pet store or safe breeder, and kick start the process.
Once your pet is with you, passport's, jabs, and all the necessary documents around your pet, can also be sorted by us.


Event planning

Birthday's, work events, hen/groom parties, baby showers, christenings, engagement parties, and many more.
You name it, we organise it.
We can organise the whole event for you. We will book the venue, find caterers, as well as entertainment and music. We can also take charge of invites.
Parties are always fun to organise, so get in touch.

Fancy Night Event

Hiring household staff and handymen

We can manage your household- this includes personal, work, and family calendars. 
We can also manage all members of staff, making sure everyone knows what they are doing.
Drivers, cleaners, pa's, you name it.

Washing Window

Holiday decorations

No matter the holiday, we will order, and send you all the necessary decorations. For both indoor and outdoor. This could be for your home, or for a work building. Our aim is to make any holiday look magical. We can even organise a decorator to do it all for you.

Red Christmas Baubles

Household Management

Work life can get busy, and household things can get left out. We can manage your household.
We can also manage all members of staff, making sure everyone knows exactly what they need to be doing.
Drivers, cleaners, pa's, you name it.

Family Viewing House


Don't feel disheartened if there are services you would like, but don't see on our site.

All packages and contracts will be custom made to meet each clients needs.

We'd be happy to accommodate.

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