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Sarah C

Cleo is fantastic! We would not hesitate to recommend her. Cleo sorted out all of the children’s appointments (dentist, doctors etc.) Including their increasingly busy social calendars. Cleo kept a shared family calendar for all of us, including our business appointments, so the whole house ran smoothly. Cleo also happily helped us out with the running of our home, sorting household staff- window cleaners, pond cleaners, and she even found us our two cockapoo puppies! (Pet passports and everything) She is very efficient and organised.

Hand Drawing

Lulu K

I have been working with Cleo since 2018. She has become absolutely invaluable. In addition to being obviously super-efficient and experienced, Cleo has a wonderful relaxed fun loving way about her.
I unreservedly recommend Cleo for her outstanding skills and character – a bright, down to earth and caring employee who has gone out of her way to accommodate and make a positive difference to my hectic lifestyle. Cleo can easily multi-task and remains calm during stressful times, and has great communication skills.

Person Writing


I am very pleased to recommend Cleo. She has provided great PA support for us over the last 5 months and I hope that this will continue going forwards. She is very efficient and highly organised and systematic in her approach. She always uses her initiative and she offers to help out with extra tasks as appropriate and where she sees opportunities to organise / tidy / arrange etc and to move things forward efficiently. She is flexible and can often step in at the last minute and tries to be as accommodating as possible. She has completed a broad range of tasks for us very well and I know I can always rely on her to get on with the job and get it done with minimal input from us. To top it off Cleo is a lovely person. She is always polite, diplomatic, trustworthy and friendly.

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